The End of Civilization: James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey
Bosnia, 1993 - Ethnic cleansing in Mostar. Croat fires on his Moslem neighbors.

James Nachtwey
Chechnya, 1996 - Chechen rebel fighting against the Russian army.

James Nachtwey
Bosnia, 1993 - Mourning a soldier killed and buried in a football field.

James Nachtwey is a veteran photojournalist who has photographed the human cost of war in Africa, the former country of Yugoslavia, in Israel, and the war torn streets of Chechnya.

Nachtwey is a contemporary photographer that is very actively working today who consistently brings to mind the stark reality of Lewis Hine and Dorthea Lange with every powerfully evocative frame.

He works and lives among the war, famine, misery and death that he faithfully documents. It gets so deep inside of him that it becomes an integral part of him. This is apparent with the respect and bravery in which he treats his subjects and his subject matter, respectively.

This type of dedication means men like Nachtwey carry a heavy responsibility to tell the stories of those who lived and died.

James Nachtwey, Official Site

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